Who is the We at Red Duck Foods? 

Fair question – we’re happy to introduce ourselves! We are Jessica Hilbert, Shannon Oliver and Karen Bonner, the life behind this brand.

When Red Duck was born, we were just three graduate school classmates working to nail an assignment. We decided to try creating excitement where none existed – the condiment aisle. Little did we know that our pioneering spirits would propel us to expand our vision and broaden our audience. 

Pals. Pioneers. Flavor Fiends.

Red Duck Foods was born out of our collective curiosity and innovating spirits. As this quirky little duck of ours has grown, we have maintained our insistence upon remaining true to who we are. That includes fulfilling our brand promise with integrity, maintaining a commitment to quality, and never settling below our own high expectations. Above all, we value variety and choice for the consumer and ourselves. We want the obvious choice to be Red Duck Foods, and to do that, we need to wow you.

If we’ve done our job well, when you taste our foods for the first time, you’ll be satisfyingly surprised by the experience.

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Shannon - Founder & Operations - shannon@redduckfoods.com

Karen - Founder & Finance - karen@redduckfoods.com

Jess - Founder, Marketing & Sales - jessica@redduckfoods.com